Saturday, 13 February 2016

Seamus Heaney Award for New Writing 2016

Each year, Community Arts Partnership, through their Poetry in Motion Community project, publishes an anthology of poetry by writers from across Northern Ireland. Last year was 'Making Memories', in which my poems 'What's Left is Not Right' and 'Report' appeared. 2015 saw the inaugural Seamus Heaney Award for New Writing, endorsed by the Heaney Family. and won by Stephanie Conn.

This year, the award is back, and CAP announced the shortlist of 21 poems, from 72 being published in this year's anthology, 'Connection'. I'm delighted that my poem 'Missed Flight' has been selected for the longlist.

The poem is for a friend who took her own life a few years ago, and the first tentative draft was born out of one of the CAP writing workshops with Chelley McLear a few years ago, so it means a lot to have it published with CAP, although it has changed considerably since then. This year’s winning poem will be announced at the anthology launch on Sunday 13th March at the Duncairn Centre for Culture and Arts. Good luck to all.

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