Monday, 8 February 2016

Writers' Corner, Derry Post

Here my poem, 'An Ideal' (a sonnet in the loosest sense) in the Writers' Corner feature of the Derry Post. Thanks to Patrick McNicholl for recommending to send something in. It's a pleasure to be published alongside Olive Broderick, Moya Donaldson and Martelle McParland, and a poet new to myself, Denis McAlinden.

The paper is currently looking for submissions to this monthly feature: email with your poems.
An Ideal

Give me elbow room with no one to elbow,
flushed of brickwork, where the hedgerows
come down like a knife, and life is defined
by shade and by rainfall.

Where a lungful means sweetness
and each song has a space to be heard;
where the earth is the colour of
and gives no fickle reply to spade or foot.

Let me kneel down in this street
to greet the dewdrops, stand and salute
your glorious zeroes; tally up
the storefront and profit margins,
red lights and penthouses,
then throw them on the compost heap.

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