Thursday, 28 April 2016

'The Old Fence' - Poem for Poetry Day Ireland

Thursday 28th April sees the event of Poetry Day Ireland. So appropriately enough, here's a new poem...

This was inspired partially by the cover to 'Echo's Bones' by Samuel Beckett (I don't have a copy to hand so I can't check who did the illustration, alas); and partially by a train journey through the North Coast of Ireland and some secluded countryside.

The Old Fence

The old fence looks
to be leaning,
out of the ground.
The grass holding
up each post like
an unlit torch
waiting for fire.

The wire, twisted
across the track,
bent out of line
from the dead-weight
of angled posts
in suspension,
bowed in old age,
caught in a wind.

The animals
lean against it,
trying to hide
from the weather.
No fence, no wall
or hedgerow could
take the teeth out
from this winter.

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