Wednesday, 5 April 2017

National Poetry Writing Month... Day (Part 2)

Continuing on NaPoWriMo 2017, poems seven to twelve...

7. Sleep, perchance, to dream!

Published in Dodging The Rain

8. Farming

Sleep is the choice
of the bored generation,
triple-screening to fill a life
that refuses to live up to their dreams.

And while some dream of going viral,
the shy workhorse taps away,
content with big words
dreamt up inside small fields,
knowing that hay is not made
from words alone, but from how
those words are delivered,

not through blogs or videos,
disposable posts, memes or tweets,
but pushed through sweat and patience,
the practice and persistence
of  one who knows that they are not God,
but that the word of God is beautiful enough,
and life needs living
as well as hearing, and writing.

9. Scroll down the page

Published in Dodging The Rain

10. Gourmandising

Published in Dodging The Rain

11. Follow You

Published in Dodging The Rain

12. The Great Deluded Cover-Up

“Make-up is a lie,”
says the chauvinist in face-paint,
entering the poetry slam
and demanding
not to be disqualified
over the use of props.

“Women wear make-up
to hide their faces,
why can’t I hide mine?”
he asks under commando stripes,
his camouflage shouting his face
to everyone in the room.

Do you shave, my friend?
Why are you hiding your true beard?
What deodorant do you use?
Are you ashamed of your real scent?
Make-up compliments
more than conceals.

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  1. All of these are fantastic. "Follow You" especially. I'm very glad to have discovered your words today. Happy writing!